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Collage, acrylic painting, drawing, pen and ink and colour Xerox 92x18cm £630.00

When description for a, as Katja initially called it, religious exhibition, appeared on the screen it immediately caught my interest, especially when a tower, one of the first in England with a bell and a clock, was described as a feature. Returning Email carried my entry. Towers with bells and clocks have always been part of my conscious and subconscious. They were part of dreams about problem solving. I was a very young child when WWII erupted. It is easy to become religious fast during Tsunamis, thunder and lightning over dry grassland and during wartime airraids and bombardments. In my dreams I found shelter in towers right behind the clock where it was possible to watch the endless stream of soldiers marching or riding by on motorcycles, while peeking through the acoustical narrow openings in the walls made to let out the sound of the bell.

Hungry Eyes

2014 National Affiliates

SoHo20 Gallery

Reception Jun 26, 2014


Rules of Success: What is

Allowed and What do We

Allow Ourselves?

Concept, 2012 SOHO20 Show





Painted Poem.

The Moses Lake Museum  
401 S. Balsam Street 

For the 24th time, while beyond Soaplake the Coulee impatiently waits for the next big flood, artist-author Nelleke Nix celebrates the Fourth of July with Ernst and Shiba dog- while unusual winds are whispering, blowing and raging. A gale-force wind blows the stars off of the Stars and Stripes, while local fireworks accidentally set the surrounding hillsides on fire. Above the lake Sun and Moon chase each other relentlessly. Cloudbursts alternate with solar-blasts that project their dusk and glow in the distance. Water and light descending on white, soft ash-powder make the desert bloom unexpectedly.

Titanic Show - 2012 Dogs of Titanic - All Rights Reserved
Ann's Choice - Copyright 2012 Nelleke Nix Ann's Choice -
Copyright 2012
Acrylic on Canvas.

Ann chose to step into the icy water when rescue was refused a large breed dog which may have been hers. Hours later she was seen dead by witnesses on the rescue ship Carpathia, floating in her life vest holding a very large dog in her frozen arms. The ship went by without retrieving the bodies. Getting to the Titanic, at the time still 7 hours away, to rescue people who might be alive was more urgent. Two days later passengers on the German liner Bremen witnessed seeing the same. Annís body was never found.© nelleke nix.  info: encyclopedia Titanica, the Titanic disaster, April 14/15 1912

The painting was executed to be part of the Titanic Centennial Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition at the Noble Collection, a Maritime Museum on Staten Island NY April 15 through December 2012
will they say it did not happen will they say it did not happen
November 1-26, 2011 @
SoHo2o gallery, NY NY
Art Expo March, 2011 Art Expo.  March 25, 2011 @
Pier 94 on the Hudson
Hopmice at Volunteer Park HOPS.  March 30, 2010 @ Soho20 Chelsea Gallery NY

HOPS is a modest installation about the gate through which
we may choose or reject to enter the world of responsible
thinking.  It is about what we received from the past and
give to the future acknowledging both with eyes wide open.

Hop Mice at Volunteer Park, Installation

Hotspots and Canaries

Open the door, Richard,

Open the door and let me in,

Open the door, Richard,

Richard, why donít you open that door
HOTSPOTS, April 2009 @ Soho20 Chelsea Gallery NY

Open the door Richard was a catchphrase in the US after WW2. Starting out as a Vaudeville act and quickly being heard in Jazz recordings and later in rock and roll, it turned into African-American language associated with the civil rights movement. It is now for many the symbol for the closed doors we encounter in life. Maybe the most significant being the door we all will need to open to see and acknowledge what is happening to our world.

Hot Spot, Digital  
Lions Share LIONSHARE,2005

Once upon a time lions denned from southern Europe to the center of India and throughout Africa.  A few are left in the Gir Sanctuary in India.  They are wiped out in North Africa.  An, up to now, healthy group lives in areas of central Africa.  In South Africa only a small population of approximately 2000 survives in Kruger National Park, 1200 of these survivors are severely ill with bovine tuberculosis.  So far no cure exists.  All net proceeds of this exhibition will be donated for research and the purchase of veterinarian medicine to benefit the lions of South Africa and to curb the spread of the deadly disease to healthy prides in Botswana and Zimbabwe

Lionshare, Mixed Media on Paper
Goldilocks "Goldilocks and the Three bears" ode to Buckminster Fuller, 2003

2004  Breast Project - Ongoing
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