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International travelling show.  
Art House Co-op, Atlanta, Georgia, 2010
Hotspots and Canaries

SOHO20 April -May, 2009

As an artist who considers her work a continuum Nix creates connections that link past, present and future  both in content and in the application of  traditional and new or experimental media. Traveling the world, she notices the manner in which man and women add creative details and improvements to their surroundings. Additions for the better and on occasion for the worst but always, in her eyes, containing a certain beauty.

 In Hotspots and Canaries she observes what is occurring in our changing world. Offspring is born. Vegetation sprouts. But as in coalmines where canaries warned for dangerous conditions there are the signs of negative development. A participatory work, for which a call to artists went out to candidly voice their positive and negative observations, is aptly titled Open the Door Richard

                                                                                                       Rick Danson

Open the door Richard was a catchphrase in the US after WW2. Starting out as a Vaudeville act and quickly being heard in Jazz recordings and later in rock and roll, it turned into African-American language associated with the civil rights movement. It is now for many the symbol for the closed doors we encounter in life. Maybe the most significant being the door we all will need to open to see and acknowledge what is happening to our world.                                                                   Nelleke

Hospital Nelleke announces a special limited edition 12"x12" block print titled MIDNIGHT IN THE STERILE TENT.  This edition of 14 prints celebrates the birth of her 2nd grand daughter and of all living things.

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