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2018 NAS Exhibition


Nelleke Nix, Masters Degree Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the Hague, the Netherlands.



When young in the Netherlands my whole family expected me to become an artist since, as a 3 or 4 year old, I told them so. According to my grandmother’s in-house-help I had endless energy in making artwork and liked doing that better than blowing bubbles and preferred making a kite over flying it. In Kindergarten I discovered geometric shapes and paint. The color red created by sticking red cellophane over a shape was a favorite.

At school we all started to make cartoons that made fun of the German soldiers. Our teachers and parents had to be on top of this dangerous art form and make sure nothing got out the door as gift from us children to the prisoners of war who worked for the Germans chained or at least at gunpoint all day. After a while we were even allowed to have simple verbal exchanges with them.

To find adults interested in our art, for whatever reason, was great encouragement and a good way to loose shyness about one’s art. I never was shy to show and did not care if the work was understood since questions were often asked. In High School we learned to accept criticisms since a bad mark was hard to take on a report card. Art being considered an easy thing like gym, or music, made us work harder to think out and plan our projects. It was no wonder that I selected an art career to earn a living, to teach art and art history and sell art.


As a young adult I received a grant to visit the US for 3 months. Flying from Luxembourg via Iceland with the first commercial new jet-engine airplane that Icelandic Airlines purchased, my karma showed success in creating art and a strange propensity to crash with an airliner. That first jet crashed on Iceland and the craft that replaced it had to make an emergency beach landing. I arrived 5 days late in NY.

In my adult life the empathy developed during my early years made me want to meet humans and other beings in faraway places, to find out about their lives and to express what I learned in art form and writing to make permanent records. I was very happy and productive during these years and created series of works. I became a member of SOHO20 women’s gallery to share all this work with others and to learn about theirs.

            Now I am old and have to be even more productive as all the work I created in the new Century mysteriously “disappeared” from my NY home where I stored temporarily the shows I created after 2001. It was planned to ship them all together to the West Coast when there were enough to fill a small pod. Even the show about 9/11 was “removed.” Also disappeared were an exposition about Antarctica-the animals-the ships, the discoverers and expeditions, burials and bones. The Nobel Museum on Staten Island had a show about the 100 year anniversary of the disaster of the Titanic in which I participated.

My husband and I went to Africa on safari to witness the disease that is afflicting the lions. SOHO20 showed 1600 photographic images and 12 large pieces. All but 3 are gone from the NY living space. All pieces derived from antiquity around the Mediterranean are taken. I now have a reason to create a new body of work and am selling my NY home next year.


                                                                                    Nelleke Nix, NY April 2018

Statement: I create so I am happy.   Nelleke


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