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This is why I'm making fit.

This is what it looks like when you're in a fit.

This is what it looks like when you've done a fit.

(photo note: I have since changed out the hardware, so it looks different. I will post more pictures when the new enclosure is done.)


main features


Though I plan to use this on the purpose-built device, I will ensure that the application remains useable at least via console, since I have seen some purpose for it there. The reason I use a device is for non-computer fits. In fact, more specifically, it is to encourage fits done away from a computer.


Each invocation is a fit, stored in the csv as a table of "fits". Every fit will consist of the following values:

general use

[press] >> (ffp, ffw, ffl) >> [press] >> (ftcu, ft60, ft30) >> [press] >> (displays epoch from start) >> [press] >> (epoch paused) >> [press] >> (epoch resumed) >> [long press | interval elapsed] >> survey >> log .


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