GoRuck Counter Active Shooter (Pistol) Event

The Exercises

(Wear good wraparound eye protection and ear protection when shooting steel, or anything, for that matter. Wear good shoes with closed toes. Long sleeves and pants and, honestly, gloves are all good ideas too.)

Grouping / Benchmark Standard

(Load 3x10rd magazines) Mark 15, 10, and 5 meter distances from a letter-paper-sized target. Start at the 15-meter mark, where individual training has 15 seconds to draw, ready, and fire ten shots at the target. Move to the 10-meter mark, where individual training has ten seconds to draw, ready, and fire ten shots at the target. Move to the 5-meter mark, where individual training has five seconds to draw, ready, and fire ten shots at the target.

Scoring is done as follows:

Positioning in Crowd (DRY FIRE, BARREL PLUGS IN)

Elect a person to become the "active shooter". Active Shooter stands still, and the rest of the group (this works well with a large group) has three seconds to find a vantage point from which to get a clear shot off without risk of collateral damage before or after the target (Active Shooter). Once the group has stopped moving, Active Shooter is asked to move to another position, and group is asked to optimize their location again, with three seconds to do so.

Walking (Live Fire)

(Load 3x10rd magazines) Begin at 25 meter mark from three steel targets. Draw weapon, begin walking toward targets with weapon at ready but not aimed. When you reach 20 meters, or when someone yells "threat!", aim weapon and begin firing at three steel targets, two rounds per target repeating until empty, while walking slowly continuously. Reload if you need to, but don't fire faster than you can handle while walking, and don't walk closer to steel than 7 meters to avoid splashback of lead fragments.

Running, then firing (Live Fire)

(Load 3x10rd magazines) Set up five steel targets. Run, really run, 200-400 meters. Do 25-50 push-ups at the 10-meter line, then stand, draw your weapon, and engage each target with two shots. Repeat the run, push-ups, and engagement a total of three times. You'll get worse with each round, but that's the point. Manage your fatigue and work around tired muscles to get a proper grip on the weapon.

Resistant Crowd (Live Fire)

(Load 3x10rd magazines) Arrange eight people in a 2x4 grid, and tell them to hold their ground. The individual training must push their way, the long way, shouting "move!" while protecting weapon and head, through this grid while the grid resists. After pushing through this grid, weapon is drawn, and individual training must place two shots on each of five targets, shooting from a kneeling position. Repeat three times.

Coming to a stop, then firing (Live Fire)

(Load 3x10rd magazines) Arrange five steel targets. Starting at the 10 meter line from the targets, turn and sprint uprange 25 meters, then pivot and run downrange 25 meters, back to the 10 meter line. As you approach the 10 meter line at a full sprint, figure out how to stop yourself in under one meter, the last meter before the 10 meter line. Recover, draw your weapon, and fire two shots at each of the five steel targets. You should practice reducing the time you require to come to a stop (from the 11 meter line to the 10 meter line), draw your weapon, and acquire the first target.

Techniques to Remember



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