Possession is Burden

While we were away on a trip, our house got hit by lightning, we presume. There were strong storms in the area, they made national news. I suppose the exact cause doesn't much matter. The effect was notable, however - most of the electronics in the house, and there are many, many electronics in our nerd-hut, are now fried. Almost all the exterior landscape lights are fried. I no longer have a functioning office setup, or an amateur radio station, or access to any of the virtual machines that support my various hobbies.

It's a loss, to be sure, and I have no idea whether my insurance will cover it to a degree which begins to represent the financial loss implicit in this event.

There is a freedom in this, too. I'll lose hobbies, maybe some data, definitely some luxury and nerd cred, but ultimately that lightning highlighted that possession is burden, sometimes sorrow, and I needed none of that stuff to be sheltered, enriched, and nourished.


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