POK3R Remapping & MacOS

Here's how I remap my keyboard to work in MacOS. It was only necessary to write this because I switched from using primarily Linux / BSD / Windows to MacOS recently, and the modifiers on MacOS are different, significantly.

1. Clear all layers using FN+R. You'll have to do this once per layer. I do this because I can't honestly remember all the modifications I've made to the keyboard, but I know what's important to me, so I want to start from a known configuration.

2. Move to layer 2, or whichever layer you want to program. You can't program default.

3. Map "COMMAND" (called "WIN" in POK3R manual) to Caps Lock.

4. Map "OPTION" (called "ALT" in POK3R manual) to what used to be "WIN".

5. Map "FN+U" to "HOME" ("FN+H" by default).

6. Map "FN+O" to "END" ("FN+N" by default).

7. Map FN to the key immediately left of spacebar. This is done by toggling dipswitch 4 ON, then pressing the default FN, then pressing the key immediately left of spacebar. Toggle dipswitch 4 OFF when done.

Finally, it's worth downloading "karabiner-elements" to remap the Home and End default behavior. Once you have that installed, save this to ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/home_end.json and enable it in "complex modifications" within karabiner-elements:


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