Old Entries

2021-07-12 Possession is Burden

2021-07-12 GoRuck Counter Active Shooter Event Notes

2021-06-07 aNONradio Streaming Setup

2021-06-04 DJ Vole's Week-End

2021-05-24 The Tax Laywer

2021-05-24 Golden Milk Latte

2021-05-17 DIY Gin!

2021-04-09 Detection & Enterprise

2021-04-07 Interviewing

2021-04-06 fit is code-complete

2021-04-06 Tech in Small Teams

2021-04-01 Technology Skills Shortage

2021-03-30 fit ported to 2040

2021-03-30 Container Security

2021-03-24 Automation

2021-03-16 Margarita (with mezcal)

2021-03-16 Generate code names using words from Ulysses

2021-03-15 fit works

2021-03-12 On Exactitude in Science (Borges)

2021-03-10 Ulysses

2021-03-07 Smoky Bonfire Cocktail

2021-03-04 fit

2021-03-02 Part the Second: ceci n'est pas une évaluation

2021-03-01 Part the First: ceci n'est pas une évaluation

2021-02-23 Roasted Garlic Sourdough Bread

2021-02-22 Consumption Toward Optimization

2021-02-21 Barrel-Aged Gin Sazerac

2021-02-21 Cinnamon-Cardamom Rolls

2021-02-19 Ephemeral Mail

2021-02-15 The First 30 Days

2021-02-15 Reset


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