DJ Vole's Week-End June 18, 2021

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Hey all, I'm DJ VOLE, and it's the week-end. I do this show because I like to close out my work day Friday with some chill music, and there's little reason not to share that with you all at the same time.

Track listings and transcripts are available at, that's November November India x-ray .com, hosted on both https and gemini protocols.

Let's get down to business. Grab a drink, and put on the good headphones. Happy Friday!

Track Listing


000036:Messur Chups:Coffin Mobile

000420:Mad Professor:Cheerful Dub

000704:Kishi Bashi:Theme from Jerome

001130:Bound Stems:My Kingdom for a Trundle Bed

001418:The Doors:Strange Days

001730:Andrew Bird:Saints Preservus

002109:Ken Nordine & Tom Waits:Circus

002412:The Left Banke:Dark is the Bark

002744:Jens Lekman:A Postcard to Nina

003244:The Servants:Slow Dancing

003628:The Zombies:I Can't Make My Mind Up

003900:Wild Belle:Love Like This

004256:The Flaming Lips:I Can Be a Frog

004515:Explosions in the Sky:Disintegration Anxiety

004940:Wes Montgomery:Blue Roz

005420:John Grant:Is He Strange


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