DJ Vole's Week-End July 2, 2021

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Hey all, I'm DJ VOLE, and it's the week-end. I do this show because I like to close out my work day Friday with some chill music, and there's little reason not to share that with you all at the same time.

Track listings and transcripts are available at, that's November November India x-ray .com, hosted on both https and gemini protocols.

Let's get down to business. Grab a drink, and put on the good headphones. Happy Friday!

Track Listing


000033:Kim, Buran:Morning on the Planet

000357:Jonathan Richman:Egyptian Reggae

000633:Messer Chups:Difficult Love

000946:Charlie Haden:Helium Tears

001946:Bob:Harlem Shuffle

002236:Andrew Bird:Tables & Chairs

002714:Amanda Palmer:Voicemail for Jill

003255:The Flaming Lips:Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

003738:Belle & Sebastian:Like Dylan in the Movies

004201:Karen O:The Moon Song

004455:Andrew Bird:So Much Wine, Merry Christmas


004937:Father John Misty:Funtimes in Babylon

005312:Alice Coltrane:Journey in Satchidananda


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