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Welcome. Let's see what will this become. Maybe a success? Time will tell. Actually, time is pretty silent. A silent prick you are, time.


Mail: derion1 [at] dismail.de or avdibeg [at] envs.net


Tommorow's International Women's Day. Here's to all women of past, present, and future. You are all amazing.

If it was possible to post an integrated image, here would have been inserted a rose. :)

So, I've been away from Gemini for almost a month. I think I needed a fermentation time, figuring out what to think and about about this. I'm still thinking. :) I think I will mostly write my poetry here, and maybe some of other works. Yeah, I think this will be a (semi)hidden treasure trove of some of my written


This is the first post here on the site. It's Thursday, and, man, do I look forward to the weekend. But first, I play with Gemini. I am actually writing these lines locally on my machine (Ubuntu Mate 20.04). Then, I just push it to the server, and, bam, it's there. In a jiffy. Oh, how this reminds me of the earliest days of www, only it feels even better. A total minimalism.



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