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Welcome to my gemini page (:

This here is my Gemini page, created on November 4, 2020. I plan on using it to jot my thoughts down whenever I think I have something good to write about, but also to learn more about the small "internet" and tech in general. I hope I provide things of substance for Gemini space. Enjoy!

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Negate This

About Me

Not much to say, or rather not much I want to say. You can try to piece together your own thoughts on me from reading what I write. I just can't find a way to really describe myself. You know how it is sometimes.



ThinkPad T60 and OpenBSD Part 3 - 2021-07-31

Autoimmune Hepatitis - 2021-07-14

Nothing in Particular - 2021-06-26

Continuing with my ThinkPad T60 and OpenBSD - 2021-04-16

Writing and the Self 2021-04-07

"New" Thinkpad T60 and OpenBSD 2021-03-04

Beautiful 2021-02-05

Television Exists! 2021-01-27

People are Cool 2021-01-15

Kermit ASCII Art 2021-01-08


I Hate McMansions 2020-12-30

Dialectics 2020-12-20

Finals Over 2020-12-15

Flies 2020-11-22

Stars 2020-11-14

Thoughts on Veganism 2020-11-08

First Piece 2020-11-04

RSS Feed (are there even Gemini RSS readers besides CAPCOM?)


Spaghetti - a simple static blog generator 2020-11-07

Contact Me

negatethis (at)

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