Things I've read

2021-09-10 Assembly in Linux, elpher

2021-08-19 Cardano cryptocurrency

2021-08-15 Linkapocalypse etc

2021-08-14 Parsing Gemini with Clojure, Linux vs BSD


On discoverability (search engines vs crawling links manually), advantages of "small web".

on discoverability

friendo list of nice free software. I especially like rofi as a dmenu replacement. There's even rofi-pass as a passmenu replacement.

Free software I like & use a lot


About Linux top. It can work nicely with linux grep (filtering), sticking to Unix philosophy. A lot of useful keybindings are described here and it turns out the customizations can be saved permanently! It's possible to customize color theme any way you like, directly from the top command!

Underappreciated top

A nice script to interleave Gemini logs. Basically it takes the log format of this file and creates a nice "firehose" with all your subscriptions.

A script to interleave tiny Gemini logs

Szczezuja has nice posts. One of them is about small-net


Also nice gemini links here

Recent thoughts about small-net and simple life

How to consume Gemini (i.e. organize fetching a bit)

The way of Geminispace consumption

On preventing the collapse of civilization. This reminds me of the "Personal Data Preservation" theme by William Bird.

Re: Preventing the Collapse of Civilization

Personal Data Preservation, Inspired by Ancient Writing – Will Byrd


Good writeup about Gemini as an alternative to the social media "endless firehose" (small web):

Gemini aggregation, curation etc

Related to the above are the following links:

What the internet could be

Why retweets were a bad idea

Building Dynamic Gemini Capsules with Go!

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