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It me! This is the personal website of Rohan Kumar, a.k.a. Seirdy (online handle).

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See the Director's Cut of my bio in the "about" page:

About me

I'm a FLOSS (Free, Libre, and Open-Source Software) enthusiast, software minimalist, and a CS+Math undergrad who likes watching anime and tweaking his Linux setup.

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Since some people asked me about music, here's a generated list of every track in my library that I've rated 8/10 or higher:




PGP: 1E892DB2A5F84479

Fediverse (

Chat with me: I prefer IRC, where my nick is Seirdy on, Snoonet, OFTC, Tilde.Chat, and a few smaller networks. Alternatively, I'm on Matrix:

I was previously, which is currently a secondary account.


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The Wormhole Experiment

Gemlog posts

2021-04-16: Misinformation about Permissions Policy and FLoC

2021-03-10: A look at search engines with their own indexes

2021-02-23: Keeping platforms open

2021-01-27: WhatsApp and the domestication of users

2021-01-12: Becoming physically immune to brute-force attacks

2020-11-23: An opinionated list of best practices for textual websites

2020-11-18: Resilient Git, Part 1: Hydra Hosting

2020-11-17: Resilient Git, Part 0: Introduction

2020-11-02: Hello World

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