A believer in God is loyal to God not to the Church


Because Church is not God.

A believer in God doesn't deviate from the way of God despite what the Church leaders say


Because Church leaders are susceptible to corruption. Not much unlike a politician.

A beliver in God loves humans


What kind of God is it that wishes people of one religion ill? God is one and the same though people call it by different names.

If a person is considered infidel just because he doesn't belong to your religious community, remember that you yourself could be the same in someone else's eyes.

In a way, it's like choosing your favorite color. Is there a single correct answer?

Beware of wolves in sheep skin


Corruption is possible everywhere. Never blindly follow what religious leaders say. Use your own judegement. It has been given you for a reason.

Kings without subjects


Remember that a king without subjects is useless.

And an idle king is not of value to the subjects that they might consider breaking free of the kings' authority. Now that's got to make the king worried. He must at least appear to do something.

Now read this section again with Clergy instead of King and Laity instead of subject.

The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath


Don't take the Bible so literally. Especially when the interpretation flies off the tongue of a TV 'evangelist'.

Bible may be for man but man is not for Bible.

Blurred lines


Isn't it difficult these days to discern a distinction between religion and politics? Why poison your mind and in turn the society with thoughts that turn man on man?

People of all religion are same. Wouldn't it be nice to avoid targeting specific communities for things that a very small minority have or may not have done?

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