CAPCOM Geminispace aggregator

CAPCOM is an aggregator for Atom feeds of Gemini content. It was inspired by:

The Bongusta aggregator for Gopherspace

Each month, CAPCOM randomly selects 100 distinct URLs from its list of known feeds, and includes their content in its output. This makes it a nice way to discover new content in Geminispace. If you're enjoying content from one feed, you should subscribe to it yourself in some way, because that feed is not guaranteed to be one of the 100 feeds chosen next month!

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If you want to maintain your *own* set of aggregated feeds, either for public consumption or your own private use, you can:

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Aggregating 100 Atom feeds from Geminispace.


Capsula C3po - DIARIO

Alex Schroeder - Comments on 2021-09-24 How did you learn about the shell?


Alex Schroeder - 2021-09-25 Why my Traveller random tables could be better

Idiomdrottning - Art, in three ways

Idiomdrottning - When worse got better

Midnight Pub - keep the pours flowing


Alex Schroeder - Comments on 2021-09-17 Writing to learn

Alex Schroeder - 2021-09-24 How did you learn about the shell?

Alex Schroeder - Comments on 2018-01-11 Wall of Text

log de prx - gemtext2tex

Midnight Pub - Are ye what ye read?

log de prx - Pages /uses et /now

Trying To Be Constructive - Moving to hosting


Alex Schroeder - Comments on 2021-09-22 The first programming language is English

Alex Schroeder - Comments on 2021-09-23 Debian, Prosody, and Dehydrated

Alex Schroeder - 2021-09-23 Debian, Prosody, and Dehydrated

Alex Schroeder - Contact

Alex Schroeder - 2021-09-22 The first programming language is English

Midnight Pub - Note to Self

Nader K. Rad - My new eLearning course is an interactive fiction

ajft - Short thoughts - 2021/0923/1700 — more ferals


Alex Schroeder - Comments on Titan

Shufei! - 2021/09/21 - DIY - ROOPHLOCH - Anchors for Campers

Shufei! - 2021/09/21 - Politics - ROOPHLOCH - Canada Greens

Shufei! - 20210914 - DIY - ROOPHLOCH - Auto Maintenance Way Off Grid

Shufei! - 2021/09/10 - Life - ROOPHLOCH - Howdy

Shufei! - The 微phlog (Weiphlog)

Midnight Pub - Having a lawn sale.

Idiomdrottning - It's been late-stage capitalism for a while now

Midnight Pub - Learning to pause

ajft - Short thoughts - 2021/0922/1700 — why here?


Idiomdrottning - It sucks on screenreaders

Idiomdrottning - Replying to replies

moddedBear's log - Using Wireguard to Self-Host Around a Carrier-Grade NAT

Idiomdrottning - Whitespace philosophy (for Lisp stuff)

Alex Schroeder - Comments on 2021-08-03 Ordered some tea

Trying To Be Constructive - Brief life update

ajft - Short thoughts - 2021/0921/1700 — wintery


Darren's gemlog - Oberon FFI

Midnight Pub - Simple math

Idiomdrottning - Re: Software and Branding

Idiomdrottning - Re: Reflections on using a plaintext email client

Idiomdrottning - P-Zombies

Capsula C3po - Semana 13-09-21 / 19-09-21

lipu pi jan Niko - My Music

Capsula C3po - MES DE SEPTIEMBRE 2021

Midnight Pub - on the radio 📻?


Simon's blog - September

log de prx - Notes sur l'installation de prosody (XMPP) sur OpenBSD

Alex Schroeder - Comments on 2021-09-13 How to love

ajft - Short thoughts - 2021/0919/1500 — bayside


Midnight Pub - Where did the themes go?

ajft - Short thoughts - 2021/0918/1100 — froggy


log de prx - Wiby

Idiomdrottning - Re: Small request to Geminauts

Midnight Pub - Our current Virtual Reality

ajft - Short thoughts - 2021/0917/1700 — windy


Midnight Pub - Documentation

Midnight Pub - I'm new to the smolnet and having an existential crisis

Midnight Pub - I've been away a while...

Drew DeVault's Geminispace blog - Mark Rober and the manipulation of children for profit

ajft - Short thoughts - 2021/0916/1700 — mobsters


Shufei! - 2021/09/13 - Pol - ROOPHLOCH - Anniversaries

Shufei! - 2021/09/11 - Life - ROOPHLOCH - Rain

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