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GUS is a search engine for all content served over the Gemini Protocol. It provides both a search interface, so you can look for content within Geminispace by keywords, content types, content sizes, and more. It also provides data on the size and characteristics of Geminispace itself.

If you have questions about or ideas for GUS, please email me at

What's the Gemini Protocol?

Gemini is an application-level internet protocol for the distribution of arbitrary files, with some special consideration for serving a lightweight hypertext format which facilitates linking between files. It's been described as both "the web, stripped right back to its essence" as well as "Gopher, souped up and modernised a little".

If you want to learn more, you should head over to the Gemini Project site itself!

Gemini Project Homepage

What's with the name GUS?

GUS is both an acronym for Gemini Universal Search, as well as a reference to Gus Grissom, one of the early astronauts involved in NASA's Gemini program.

GUS Contributors

GUS would not be what it is today without much-appreciated contributions and help from the Gemini community!

Interested in contributing to GUS?

Firstly, you may want to take a look at the source code repository.

You can also clone this repository anonymously to peruse and hack locally.

From there, feel free to email Vee with ideas, or check out the TODOs in the README. Once you're ready, send a patch or patchset to Vee ( over email with Git. See the below link for more information about the email-based Git collaboration workflow.


For more extensive documentation about how GUS works, please see the documentation pages.

Documentation: Searching

Documentation: Indexing

Documentation: Backlinks

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