It's late. You are seconds away from the main street in a small alley. It's quieter here, but you can still hear the sound of chatter, footsteps, and cars from busy downtown. The city is buzzing, the streets are like arteries. You see an intriguing place in the alley, with a moon on its door. It reads "The Midnight Pub".

The Midnight is a virtual pub that lets you write posts and create pages. To join, send an email to



Latest posts:

2021-07-24 veleventh - Dell Midnight Pub

2021-07-23 joneworlds - kernels

2021-07-23 dogtor - On blogging

2021-07-21 zampano - Doing Small

2021-07-19 zampano - Tales Big and Small

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2021-07-16 whiskeyding - The Morality of the Electric Car

2021-07-16 unclereaton - Drinks are on me

2021-07-16 zampano - Still Climbing the Giants

2021-07-16 zstix - Wandering In

2021-07-13 euromancer - Building, not tinkering

2021-07-12 tiernan - A Survey

2021-07-11 zampano - New theme: Midnight Classic Dark

2021-07-10 zampano - Writing Down

2021-07-09 tiernan - Obscure spaces are sacred

2021-07-08 zampano - On Impossible Standards (of the Self-Inflicted Variety)

2021-07-08 mellita - An Ethical Concept I Can't Grasp

2021-07-07 ahirusan - Random thoughts

2021-07-07 holden - A dreamer, not a writer

2021-07-06 zampano - On the barstool

2021-07-03 nsilvestri - Just can't catch a break

2021-07-02 marginalia - Even the ancient Greeks appreciated a good dialogue

2021-07-01 zampano - Gift Horses

2021-07-01 tskaalgard - I love that the Pub is not a monolith groupthink.

2021-07-01 whoisroaring - Slacking

2021-07-01 fungmungus - You Must Like to Read

2021-06-30 ahirusan - I am confuse about a thing I read recently

2021-06-30 fungmungus - On Spiders

2021-06-29 commgeek - Glad to be back Part 1

2021-06-29 zampano - Protect me from what I want

2021-06-27 ahirusan - I am not an insomniac, but...

2021-06-25 zampano - Almost Infamous

2021-06-23 jetgirl - Robot Parade

2021-06-23 techwing - What I Would like to See on the Obscure Web

2021-06-23 tskaalgard - An internet radio station for the Pub would be really cool, don't you think?

2021-06-23 whoisroaring - Hello Mates!

2021-06-23 nargran - Some sun at last!

2021-06-22 zampano - 1/x

2021-06-22 paul - Shhh,! This is a library! Err, wait... no...

2021-06-21 rosie88 - Frustrated at Programmers

2021-06-21 ahirusan - First time at the pub

2021-06-21 fungmungus - Passing Knowledge to Gen-Zers

2021-06-17 techwing - Text-Only vs GUI

2021-06-14 nargran - Hello all

2021-06-14 ew - They are all in the Garden

2021-06-11 ralfwause - The simple joys of living in the countryside

2021-06-11 tatterdemalion - The urge to publish regularly?

2021-06-09 commgeek - Time to Think Slow Part 3

2021-06-08 ew - Wonders of the Net

2021-06-08 fungmungus - Return from an Absence

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