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I like this list of links format much better than the wall of text summary from before. Haven't been around lately since holidays are a busy time for me. It's that time of year again where I get the urge to redo my entire website, rebrand everything I have, or start another new project that ultimately gets abandoned in two months. Right now I'm just so busy with work and kids that I haven't had the chance to sit and think about it so I figured i'd sit and think about it in the Midnight lounge area, in text form.

Right now I have a self hosted website, a write.as blog, and a write.as online lit journal/zine. I don't have the time/resources to open the journal up to submissions so it's just all my own stuff for now, but it is nice to have blog writing and creative writing separated. For the main website I'm running a wordpress instance on DigitalOcean and it's just kind of collecting dust. I don't do art anymore so the url isn't relevant, and most of the posts are electronics projects that anyone could do so they aren't valuable. Right now it's just up as a place for my visual portfolio which honestly I don't need anymore.

Perhaps it's time to kill the main site and just use the two small blogs instead. Just thinking of downsizing things.

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~starbreaker wrote:

~jetgirl, what if the self-hosted website directed visitors to your blogs? All you might need for that is a single static HTML page with some inline CSS.

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