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~starbreaker wrote (thread):

I'm only in my early forties, and I've come to see software development in a corporate setting (especially webdev) as an exercise in trying to build a cathedral on quicksand with resources better suited to building a trailer park. It's thankless work best automated or outsourced.

I'm currently trying to get my head around React to stay "relevant" at my day job, and I find myself wanting to recoil in horror. Whoever came up with JSX, which involves embedding HTML and CSS inside JavaScript, either didn't know or had forgotten how shitty it was to have style information embedded in HTML in the 1990s before CSS became a thing.

I know a lot of techies like to denigrate liberal arts education, but I think the ones who do are the ones who need it most. They have no sense of history and no grounding in philosophy, which makes them vulnerable to hucksters (like Curtis Yarvin) selling dead ideologies that we left behind for good reason.

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