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It's saturday, isn't it? Time always seems to go faster on that day. As soon as the evening kicks in, I always wonder what I did the whole day. Not much, that's what I can tell. But I rested, and boy did I need to rest. So time to buy a round to all midnight pubbers around. May your weekend be restful!

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~opossum wrote:

Resting is good for the soul, a form of rejuvination. And, thank you.

~teacup wrote:

Thanks ~brewed! It surely has been, I had to relax a bit.

~nsilvestri wrote (thread):

Cheers, ~brewed! It's been a bit quiet in here. Much the same has happened across some of my other online communities. Not sure why. Maybe a mid-winter blues. Hopefully you and everyone else are keeping well!

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