Midnight Pub

First time here


It’s not a long walk here from my place but it sure is cold. The type of cold that will seep into your bones.

This armchair by the fire will do.

I’m in the mood to stare at a flame for what feels like a thousand years.

A good evening to think about art.

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~oracle wrote:


I was asked a question about art back in my undergrad, and I like to pass it on to other artists as a sort of earworm. I do hope you'll indulge me.

Is the nature of art inevitably elegiac?

Enjoy your stay!

~nsilvestri wrote:

Welcome, ~stynbeck! The fire has been my personal vice as well this winter, although I think my past waxings-on about it may have gotten lost between renovations of the Midnight. Are you an artist? What's your medium? I have a very gently-used digital tablet that could use some inspiration ;)

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