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When opossums change your worldviews


A while ago, someone entered the Midnight with their dog. It was mid-summer and the Midnight only opened a few days before. Their day wasn't great. In fact, it was plain bad. I remember them telling me how they lost their job ealier. At the time, I had only started working here and it reminded me of how brittle balance is. Everything is doing well and the next thing you know, it's not anymore.

m15o wrote:

Have you ever thought how the "now" is a strange moment? It's always now. It the only moment that exist. It's not past, it's not the future, it's now. My mind often wanders in the past or thing about what's next, while in reality everything is happening now. Reality is a weird concept as well, but it exists in the present. What's even crazier is to know that it's "now" for everyone at the same time. We only see a little part of the now that's happening at scale. So may your now moment be cheerful!

Now is a strange place. When it's cold and gloomy outside, I don't feel like being now. The good news is that at the Midnight, we've got a lot of ways to make the Now feel better! Including some hot beverages.

Speaking of! Here's a coffee for you, tffb!

The Midnight looks good, and if Bartender has a moment, I'll have a coffee, please :)

I think we should re-open that smoking area, don't you think?

Also, I have stayed away from social media coming up on 1 1/2 years now. March 1, 2021 it will be 1 year and 6 months, because I left in September 2019. Been a slow and nuanced (and at times arduous) recovery process from taking a dopamine stunted (and nearly invalidic (word?)) brain and "rewiring" it to be a "normal" brain, I suppose. I can't tell you how far gone I was in that world. Sick.

You got this sir! I'd be lying if I said I've been off social media. I still have't found the courage to remove my account(s). Not that it brings me anything. Good ol' fear of missing out maybe? Remember how the world was 15 years ago, when we didn't have social media at all? Great, I'm getting nostalgic now. But it was different. Slower. But also perhaps less shallow? When things are done with focus and patience, they become more substential.

zampano wrote:

My love of history and my love of the written word collide powerfully in old books. This isn't strictly limited to old books in the physical sense, although I really enjoy those too. If I could work in book restoration or something, I imagine I'd enjoy it quite a bit.

What's great with book is that they are real. You can hold them, you can open them, you can bring them with you. They can be your companion when you are on an adventure. You can stain them with a glass of wine and still not be mad because it make them be even more real. As we're heading into the future, reality changes.

Will some digital anthropologist find the ruins of the Midnight one day?

Wow. This sentence just blew my mind. It might sound silly now, but in 500 years from now, what will internet be? There's so much one could learn about history by looking at what was written back then. With so much content created every day, anyone would be able to visit the past. You'll even be able to visit your street on google maps 500 years back. How insane.

But enough about the future. Let's come back to "now". And it seems like we've got an immediate issue:

There are many opossums outside of the Midnight Pub, near the trashcans or by the kitchen. If you choose to approach an opossum for their wisdom, first test if it speaks english. Certain highly intelligent ones are granted passage into human language by the opossum elders. Their observations can be quite insightful, if you bother to listen and understand them. Do not be afraid of what they say. Do not be afraid at all.

I've been seeing opossum coming around for a while now and chose to ignore it. I'm not sure it's been the wisest decision.

Now coming to think of it, some of the things opossum say hit strongly:

Must keep moving. To suffer in motion is to pray to yourself. To live at all.

May you be an opossum, a goblin or a cat, life is about moving.

Question: Do you have thoughts that don't exist? Can you describe them?

Dear opossum, I'm glad you can read and speak our language. I'd like to invite you by brewed's table by the fireplace because it feels like talking to you would change some of my ideas on the world.

I, myself, have many thoughts that don't exist. I, however, don't know so much about them, only that they are there, out of my reach. Sometimes, I hear things I haven't thought about and think that maybe they are parts of my thoughts that didn't exist in the first place.

Did I just speak to an opossum?

stynbeck just entered the pub.

It’s not a long walk here from my place but it sure is cold. The type of cold that will seep into your bones.

The good thing about cold, is to appreciate that fireplace. Welcome to the pub, friend!

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