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Oh, how about just a grazing glance 'o the good 'ole Thelema?



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~abacushex wrote (thread):

'Thelema' in the your title caught my attention. A.O. Spare, Phil Hine, other names, echoes from related studies in a previous personal era. A practice that actually works can barely have an adequate linguistic expression.

Words upon words, about other words.

Even something as simple to describe as a regular meditation practice, the description won't tell you the texture and edges of really getting into the thing.

Conceptual futility indeed. Somehow, we can still find the way however dimly illuminated.

~maya wrote (thread):

A lot of attempts to sketch out meanings in a way that can reach another person end up having to be poetry. Most people are not confident enough to attempt the necessary poetry, since it's such a risk. On the other hand, it's so rewarding when it does come right and you see what someone else meant underneath their language and you can reach the concepts -- maybe they're not maps of the Ineffable, but shadows of it?

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