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The first test


Before I write anything lengthy I guess I should do a quick test :)

Then I start to think, if it doesn't work can I delete it? If it does work can I delete it because its just a test?

Maybe I shouldn't do a test post.

I guess its too late now, I've written it, don't want to just delete everything again.

Best thing is not to think about it, just do it, it'll be fine.

What if it doesn't post at all? Should I post two tests? Going back to sleep and forgetting this happened at all sounds good.

Choices are hard.

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~littlejohn wrote:

Well, I think it's safe to say that posting, at the very least, works just fine!


~brewed wrote (thread):

Cheers to testing, and welcome to the Midnight. You are more than welcome to join my table!

~caffo wrote (thread):

Welcome to the pub!

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