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~edisondotme wrote (thread):

I am gonna write about this somewhere else soon, but your post seemed like a good place too:

I'm almost of the opinion that having political opinions in general in [current year] is *tired*.

It doesn't matter what your political opinions are, you're always wrong anyway lol

Part of my reasoning for that is that some people think their political opinions are constituent to a personality and use it to define their persona. People will introduce themselves as being a progressive like it's their MBTI horoscope tribe or something. Ugh. You being a “progressive” is a way to describe your philosophical beliefs about government and society. Not some personality type indicator.

i.e. You are not your politics.

~littlejohn wrote (thread):

People talk about social systems (e.g. "socialism", "capitalism") the way software developers talk about code improvement methodologies (e.g. "agile")

Oooh, spot on! Me and a colleague used to joke about this *all the frickin' time*. At some point I came up with some Radio Yerevan jokes, but for agile, let me see if I can find them :-D.

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