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Oh, how I love dawn and dusk. More the latter than the former. But the lady's pretty danged alright.

Like now. I've my wife's desk lamp on, casting subdued reddish wavelengths about the room. But the medium sheer current across the front window reveals snow-covered ground bluish relative to the curtain's tan, lots of darkness indicating plant life density luxuriating in a petite snowy icing. Mmmm.

And you *know* it must be savored for how soon it evaporates into the excesses day (or night in the fellow's case).

To barely graze the supporting cast, this house has some damned prime furnace woosh and whirr.

(Heh... just remembered that I've so loved dusk along the time-assisted way, I even named a work machine 'dusk' some - oh my - 30 years ago... while working on a software project that.. well, can't give too much away... but I did get a project logo tee shirt out of the deal that I actually still have...)

The details of this existence are so insanely ridiculous that you'd have to be dreaming to not see it for the dream it is.

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~abacushex wrote (thread):

Twilight, with high-altitude clouds, and a full moon. Something about that combination feels like I've moved to another planet, or slipped into some future time on this one.

Dawn, however, is a little too early for this night owl ;)

~dougbrunelle wrote (thread):

Beautiful imagery of dusk there.. I love being outside during those times of twilight, both evening and morning, to enjoy the day/night transition, the sky colors, the air.

I have a new reason to be outside when the Sun is below the horizon- one of my childhood interests was astronomy, and I've recently had a resurgence in this interest. And, dusk & dawn are the only times when satellites in low Earth orbit are visible, including the ISS (International Space Station), which can be brighter than the planet Venus sometimes. I'm enjoying stargazing, with or without my 11x80 binoculars.

Sounds like you're in a colder climate than me. Here in SoCal, it doesn't get cold enough for snow and ice (here in the coastal areas, anyway), although, rarely, it can dip into the low 30s on clear nights, for a touch of frost on grassy areas. Regardless, being outside is something I'm enjoying more and more, as I get older. Staring at a computer screen for hours a day is not something I want to do for the rest of my life. The Universe revealed in the night sky beckons..

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