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Open Letter to Alejandro Jodorowsky


Dear Senor Alejandro Jodorowsky,

Where do I even begin? I was just watching your 1973 picture “Holy Mountain”. It was my first encounter with your work and I was watching it with no expectation or prior research. My girlfriend recommended that movie, saying “you might enjoy that”, knowing that I just love graphic content paired with the pure random as the next guy.

And yes, to be frank, I was first genuinely enjoying the picture. The colors were pleasant, the symbolism intriguing and the plot catchy. I was already looking forward to re-watch the movie and look out for little details I might have missed during the first watch.

Watching the surreal images and content of the movie, I was trying to figure out which pieces would actually matter in terms of understanding the bigger picture (if any) and what would simply be expressive artworks for the sake of expressing your artwork.

So I’m 1 hour 50 minutes in and I’m like “well that was fun to watch, perhaps not genius but pleasant for sure” when, in the final sequences of the movie, you would go straight fuck you and close the movie with the most stupid, lamest and insulting ending one could possibly think of.

Haha, lulz, it’s not real, there’s no point in it, why you so stupid to look for meaning of life in a movie? XDDDD

You stupid piece of shit. You lazy motherfucker.

I bore with you the entire time, even when Jesus was going to the circus with that cripple to watch a card trick performed by that weirdo who had a swastika on his top hat or when tiger nipples attached to a hermaphrodite bum spat milk but this, this was just insulting.

I felt like reading the entire Harry Potter series just to be presented with the “twist” that Harry Potter was just dreaming it all, still an emotionally abused kid living with the Dursleys. Or watching the South Park episode where Eric Cartman is trying to find out who his father was but this time, Trey Parker and Matt Stone would jump in and tell me “Cartman has no father, he’s a fictional character you stupid fuck xD”.

You disappointed me on a personal level and even though this movie is almost 50 years old and you an old, weak man by now, I want you to know that if I should ever be around in Mexico, I am going to find you.

I hope that you get physically injured, somehow.

Fuck you.

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~mellita wrote:

I...think you maybe missed the point of the allegory...

~tskaalgard wrote:

I still wish we could have gotten his version of Dune.

~inquiry wrote (thread):

I get the feeling that was you putting it mildly.... :-)

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