Midnight Pub

The rain in pub stays mainly in the club


Okay, then... sunlight!

That exclamation mark is well-deserved, by the way, given another half a foot of snowfall last night, and some general gloom most of this morning.

But also: birds coaxing snow off branches, wife reading story to virtual grade school students, memories of job application vexing, bladder filling, gonads imagining a faux reproductive night.

Unrelated, but oh how I love the faithfulness of the taste and consequences of coffee!

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~abacushex wrote (thread):

Coffee is one of the few staples we are not, upon pain of legal separation or at least a really bad scolding, allowed to run out of at home. Especially after four days of record-level ice and snow, it was a wise fellow (this one) that planned ahead.

~maya wrote (thread):

One thing I've always appreciated about our local international coffee megacorp is that they have to have an especially bad/malicious barista on staff that day to produce anything but a thoroughly standardized cup. (I know this both from experience as customer and Behind The Counter) It reaches no celestial heights, but in a world of uncertainty, Has Something Going For It.

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