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MRE Menu #24 review


A buddy of mine's in the National Guard, and yesterday, he got back from drill and threw an MRE at me. This morning, I decided it would be breakfast, probably lunch too. So I began my day with a run, then, still sweaty and panting, I ripped open the pouch to find something like 8 smaller pouches of colors varying from olive green to tan, with bland black text. I went for the Southwest beef and beans pouch, the toritilla pouch, and the ever-mysterious Flamelss Ration Heater. What a contraption. I read the label a few times to figure out how the fuck the different pouches go together, then slid the beef and beans pouch in with water and prayed that it works. About 15 minutes later, it was lukewarm, so I pulled out the pouch, tore a hole in the corner, and squeezed it onto the waxy tortilla. The paste had a pukey look to it, but I could see beans and corn in it, so that's a plus. Tasted almost exactly like you would expect it to, like a real beef and bean burrito, but muted.

The lemon pound cake though was surprisingly good. Nice texture, good taste.

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~tffb wrote (thread):

The chocolate brownies with MRE peanut butter are what dreams are made of! Lol! I remember having that combo many times, and I adored it.

Good to see ya, Shiloh :)

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