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~abacushex wrote (thread):

Had a similar experience recently, sitting in our dining room (really just a small space connecting the kitchen and arbitrarily-defined living room) that was turned into a little library. Looking towards the front door from a certain angle, with the light from outside just so, was a perfect layering of shadow and wall color and some floral ornamentation. Like a serendipitous gallery arrangement suddenly appeared in my home.

~baguette wrote (thread):

I like that feeling when you kind of pause the reality to contemplate something. Just saying to yourself - "isn't that moment truly beautiful?".

It happens when I'm in front of a nice view like the top of a big mountain.

It also happens sometimes at the main pub of my hometown, during buzzing summer nights, being with some friends, sharing a card game, a good conversation or just a nice drink.

~rjcks wrote (thread):

We have a small terrace, so although we're in a relatively poor part of the city, we can sit out under the sun and listen to the birds on the rooftops. And today the swifts have arrived.

Sitting out there is also a lesson in weaning myself from the connectivity, reading and making messy notes on paper, getting distracted by the street below.

~gerwitz wrote (thread):

Here in Holland we use no window coverings, though from where I presently sit I can see dozens of other apartments. There’s a cultural norm that you must have something to hide if you draw the curtains; which is only “normal” for bedrooms at night.

Thanks for sharing this little appreciation of your place on Earth. It caused me to pause and consider for a moment how special my own is, too.

~tskaalgard wrote (thread):

I often find myself pondering the beauty of everyday situations as well. I'm particularly fond of my computer desk, which is nice, since I spend so much time here :p

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