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Haven't been around in a while, dealing with work/life stuff for the most part. Moved my blog off write.as last month. Due for another kiddo in July so I guess I'll just have a coke with lime :). (Though every bar I've ever been to has served Pepsi stuff, it doesn't matter when the whiskey comes from a plastic jug.) Can't wait to have sushi and a red bull again.

Got some new fountain pen inks and have been filling up a few pens to test them out. How is everyone else?

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~maya wrote:

I am using a blue ink with gold sparkles in it. 99% of the time, it isn't noticeable, but it always makes me smile when I do.

~tskaalgard wrote (thread):

Doing alright. It looked like I had a ticket out of my hellhole of a job for a bit - it looked like I was going to get a job with the post office but the hiring system they use is absolutely byzantine. I emailed someone and maybe I'll get some answers. Either way, I need out of this job before it literally kills me.

You also like fountain pens? I like them too but I only have a couple, most of which are calligraphy pens. I do a little bit of calligraphy but nothing special. I'm actually a member of a medieval reenactment society and I do a lot of scribing for that, lol.

Where's your blog now? I keep one here (tskaalgard.midnight.pub) and on WordPress (mylonelydesk.wordpress.com)

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