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~emptything wrote (thread):

I worked for a few companies that took SEO very seriously, and my conclusion is that it's all a lot of verbal hocus-pocus. Traditional advertising is still the best way to get people's attention and draw it to your site, product etc.

And also: thank you. I'd never heard of this We Work Remotely site, but I think it may have the kind of jobs a (currently unemployed and immobilized) friend may be suited to!

~starbreaker wrote (thread):

TBH, I'm this close to blocking all search engines from crawling my website. I'm not convinced that being accessible to search engines is actually beneficial to people running personal websites.

Ugly Duck: Dear Google, I'm Blocking You From My Website

lucb1e: Google banned from this site for foul play

~abacushex wrote (thread):

A good friend and part-time web dev person put it best- 'SEO is the used car salesmen of the internet'

~tffb wrote (thread):

I remember buying an "SEO Made Simple" book in 2009 because I wanted my blog to have better rankings on Google. It was about 50 pages, full of typos, and in the end it ended up doing more harm than good, probably. I never really dug too deep into the subject/practice of it, though. I figure people can read my blog if they like, if they can't find it (or don't stumble across it) life still goes on :)

SEO, come to think of it, is a lot like Bitcoin: it's the solution to every single problem under the sun. End-all, be-all, cure-all. Now if/when Elon Musk starts up a SEO company that pays in Bitcoin - well, let's just say the whole epidemic of war/disease/famine/poverty will be a thing of the past, and we can all be Bitllionaires who are absolved of the nasty (past-tense) condition of what we called "suffering".

Hope you're doing well, Inquiry :)

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