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Knock three times on the "being" if you want "me"


A reality as though something objective in and of and unto itself emerges from repetition of thoughts, complete with convincing pretense of being a being (don't read that twice fast..) - aka nexus of subjectivity - to whom said emergent reality occurs - yea, appears as though occurring.

(Not that a shadow need know/understand the nature of its reality in order to have a great time eclipsing shit, right?)

It's no accident words such as these all begin with with "re", indicating "againness":

You go to the best playground, right?

So... is what seems most real merely whatever is *being* (haha!) mentally repeated most?

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~brewed wrote (thread):

All I know is that reality gets realer when things are about to get real. Like those french fries I will eat soon!

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