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Hello, it's me. Maybe.


Okay. I was imagining an instant in the wake of a post I might write wherein a few of the more Online Identity Timid (you might be surprised to learn the OIT are a much older subspecies than logic steeped in the notion of temporality could grasp..) jumped for joy for not being alone, rejoicing in suspecting the online darkness overseen by the evil Lords (NOTE: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO IMPLICATION OF GENDER INTENDED IN THE USAGE OF THAT WORD IN THIS SENTENCE! HONESTLY!) of the Land of DOX had/has finally passed, that we can finally get back to the wonderfully innocent and progressively valuable info share borne of Berners-Lee-sian minds....

<later, after the work-daily lunchtime walk with my wife>

There are times the seeming coincidental synchronicity of this world leaves me borderline breathless.

Case in point, my using the phrase "Land of DOX" in the above, and then noting the following new email in my inbox:

<grins in the general direction of the fourth wall>

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~abacushex wrote (thread):

Fourth wall?


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