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I think we can all agree that these are hard times we are living. The current pandemic only showed more clearly how fractured and sick our world is. I have my fair share of questionings, doubts, dilemmas, etc. These often cause me sadness, anger, and other related feelings, however I don't want to live on mourning or feeling frustrated... there are things to be done!

I've been trying more to cherish things I can do and experience and to build on good things made by others. I know this sounds cliche but it does help, at least it is better than thinking how doomed we are (I'm 99% sure we are), then lets make the most of our existence.

Today I took my mother to get the jab against COVID-19, and I cherished that I could be present at this moment. A little joy.

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~emptything wrote:

I stood in line for thirteen hours for the first dose of the vaccine, administered by the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium. They really didn't anticipate the turnout that they got; thirteen hours in the rain, in the cold, in the snow. It was worth it. The second jab? Done in an hour.

I'm glad you and yours got vaccinated. It's the first real moment of hope we've had in this terrible mess.

~maya wrote:

To build on good things made by others is a wonderful resolution; it captures wanting to be valuable to others but also to recognize value *in* others.

~edisondotme wrote:

If I've learned anything in the past year it is this:

The self doubts I have about what I can accomplish in a day are fake.
An abundance of free time has been given back to me from what used to be spent walking to the coffee machine, attending meetings, commuting to the office, etc. The small, trivial things spent in between the time where actual work gets done have been converted to free time.
What have I done with this free time? In March and April it was self loathing and guilt.
In May and onwards it was intense introspection about what is truly important and what is truly blocking me from pursuing the things I think are important. (Hint: it wasn't time)

As you rightly put,

there are things to be done!

Carpe diem!

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