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Carriage Return


#Carriage Return

Silicon nihilists congregate

deciding who to own

Spreading freemium addictions

to souls locked in their homes.

We can't undo their reset

with the tools that THEY made

Instead, go back and utilize

the tech from pre-coup days.

Gemini, Gopher and BBSes can

help free all those held hostage

Also sneaker nets and snail mail

with stamps to pay for postage.

(you remember LETTERS don'tcha?)

An old laptop with Linux

is a weapon and a key

Making friends with the command line

will help to set you free.

Re-learn how to communicate

outside the algorithmic gates.

The world is ours - and fun - again

beyond their techno-fascist state.



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~stargazer wrote:

I love it!

~abacushex wrote:

Inspiration and encouragement to make it all fun again

thank you :-)

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