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Testing Post-From-Shell


This is just a test. I haven't had much free time lately, but I wanted to try this out. Smudge says hi.

I did have to edit my copy to use getopt instead of getopts since I'm on OpenBSD and not GNU/Linux, but I suppose a symlink would have served equally well. I also had to change the shebang because bash doesn't live in /bin on OpenBSD.

Here's my version.

Unfortunately, while I got the script to run it still doesn't work for me. Here are my results.

I guess I'll stick with posting from the browser for now since it wouldn't be fair to expect ~m150 to set up an OpenBSD virtual machine just to make sure midnight.sh works for me.

Besides, "cat testing-midnight-sh.gmi | xclip" works well enough for me.

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~coldwave wrote (thread):

You're displaying " for " , is that there in the version on your system too? That might explain why the curl line is apparently not interpreted as one continuing line.

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