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Oh my.. Drugs.


A week ago I went to the doctor. And it seems in the pub now I can only drink juice.

For 4 months I was prescribed antidepressant and muscle relaxant treatment. I think many people here are familiar with this, the last year was very powerful in work and it seems I burned out.

A year of fruitful work, the loss of loved ones, a pandemic, three children at home ... And now, in my incomplete 36 years, I am on drugs.

Although in general there are no problems and fears, this week I was definitely better, because it seems I was on the verge. And now I continue to work calmly, without adrenaline rush and serotanin is normalized.

Spring is coming in Crimea (late this year), almonds are already blooming, and this is very similar to Japan. There are many trees with pink flowers that fall from the wind.

How are you friends?

did you know that "drug" sounds the same in Russian with the word "friend"?

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~opossum wrote (thread):

Be sure not to drink grapefruit juice. I hope you tend well.

~kyle wrote (thread):

Hey ~pr1ba!

It is a tough period for virtually everyone I know, but I like to be optimist! History shows that difficult times always gives good fruits, in the end!

We have to pass through it, however, and sometimes we do need some help. I'll have a juice too :)

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