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First step: put the fresh beans in the machine. These days, I've been enjoying darker roasts. I press the button and a loud noise ensues. The Midnight looks quite at this hour. The front door is open and a welcome breeze fills the room. I take the ground beans into a filter, fill the water tank, and while the coffee smell starts to fill the bar, I close my eyes and appreciate the moment. Well, sort of. There has been lots of constructions going on around the Midnight lately. Hammers hitting, drills drilling and the likes.

Nightfall City is a busy, booming place. Officially the city got its name from the nearby waterfall. To me it's always been because the city wakes up at night. I've been in this city for longer than I can remember and I've seen it evolve. Time accelerate when you walk down its streets. Technology surrounds the place. Downtown feels like a shopping mall. Streets have many levels. Buildings have bridge that connect to each other. If internet was a place, Nightfall would be the perfect metaphor.

I step outside the pub with my coffee. Some morning ray light make it through the buildings. When I was looking for a place to build the Midnight around a year ago, I instantly fell in love with this small alley. It's right in the center of the busiest place of Nightfall city, yet it's hidden. What I like to think is that whenever someone strolls down Main St., if they are curious enough, then they will find this place, and share a good time with us on their way back home.

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~zymotux wrote (thread):

It's 1 am now and I'm nursing a pint of Black as Midnight Stout in a nook of the pub, thinking back to my earlier exploration of Nightfall City. Deftly avoiding the Opossums in the Small Alley (they were certainly active a few days ago!), I'd wandered Main Street among the construction. I popped my head into Brewed's Arcade and am looking forward to playing some games in there later among the Gophers. I could see the Art Museum and Church undergoing renovation through a chain-link fence at the Gemini/Internet border. There was a sign saying that the fence should come down next month, which is exciting!

I'm looking forward to seeing what emerges from the construction, who moves into the shiny new apartments at the crossroads of three civilisations, and what businesses sign leases with Nikasi Real Estate. For now though, I've got a bit more work to do on my room in the pub, thankful again to the landlord for kindly letting me stay.

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