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Recipe: Hedonist Mac n' Cheese


You ever do yourself up a pot of Kraft Dinner and think to yourself "What if this, but more"? Ever want to indulge so fully that you go near-comatose? Here u go

note: there are not really any measurements cause I just guess. sorry


Macaroni noodles (enough for however you're making)





salt and pepper

bread crumbs

velveeta block (trust me)

tell me if you try this out. It's simple and not fancy, but some S-tier comfort/depression food.

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~m15o wrote (thread):

Darn! We absolutely need to try that recipe at the pub! There's just something about Macaroni and cheese at midnight. garfield4eva69, you should open a little kiosk in the lounge.

Grate up some MF cheese. I usually use a cheddar, parmesan, a smoky cheese, mozza, and anything else in my fridge. Grate up a fuck ton, and then grate more because cheesy mm mm. Mix it in a handful at a time. I'd do around 10-12 handfuls of cheese for 2 people.

I laughed out loud when I read that. :D

EDIT: Just saw your page. That frog is glorious!

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