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Snow on my Jacket

Oh, hello all! It's been a long time since I've walked in here. I like the Gemini-based remodel, though. I've set up my own little capsule as well, where I've been writing a fair bit, here and there.

Also, if you use a Mac, and also use a little app called Nova as an IDE, I've written a gemtext syntax plugin for that app, just to make all of this a little more colorful.

Thanks to m15o as always for keeping this place up and running. I can't explain it entirely, but the Midnight feels so timely to me, so current. I really appreciate its existence.

Jacket on a hook, sitting in my favorite booth

Ah yes. It's good to be back. Good to be home.


My personal Gemini Capsule

My current favorite IDE (this changes frequently)

My Gemini Plugin for Nova

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~m15o wrote (thread):

Brightblue! So glad to see you around and wow, your gemini capsule looks astonishing. I didn't know you wrote about vim -- love to see that! I've had lots of fun learning about the small web recently and discovering gemini and gopher. Your spot on the lounge is still there. Hey, bartender, how about 2 Douglas Adams?

By the way, I loved reading your essays. I will use the term "AlterNet" now, and I'm excited that we're all shaping it together. :)

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