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As goes for this mostly lonely introverted self-imposter, venturing into new community is always daunting. How the response goes for anyone and everyone is usually terrible pressure.

But this one is different, isn't it? Here I am almost guaranteed to never receive a response. I can just throw text over the wall, something my overburdened brain usually spits out via my boney fingers into org-mode stored on my pc, shared to select few devices on local network only to backup. If it is not clear by now, this post is just a random train of though, and here it goes to next station.

This is one place I'm hoping, as someone who never enjoyed real-life pubs so never much ventured there, that my random ADHD riddled wrinkled piece of meat called brain won't be judged on how or why it exists.

To new beginnings!

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~stargazer wrote:

Welcome, we a glad to have you here! Ramble away...

~zymotux wrote (thread):

Welcome! I'm pretty new to the pub too. Great handle by the way - I assume it's a Trogdor reference?

And the Trogdor comes in the [Mid]NIIIIIGHT!

~starbreaker wrote:

Welcome to the Midnight. If you see a fluffy brown and cream tabby, that's Smudge. He's a good cat, but don't let him have your beer.

~brewed wrote (thread):

Random trains of thoughts are my favorite thoughts. And org-mode is awesome! Welcome to the pub, burninator! I'm sure you will like it there. It's small and cozy. There's a lounge where brightblue hangs with shiloh and you might even see a cat - smudge - and his owner starbreaker. At the bar, you can see isvarahparamahkrsnah talk with bartender.

I also have a table and you are more than welcome to tag along!


But this one is different, isn't it? Here I am almost guaranteed to never receive a response

Never say never!

To new beginnings!

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