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I won't name names, or self-promote, but I made a big decision tonight (or last night, actually), and that is to retire (in time) my old bloggo and switch to a different blog service. I, of course, will continue to use The Midnight, because this is one of the bright spots on the Internet (even if down a darkened alley ;))

I'm not too fond of writing about myself when it is not an authentic journal entry, so I will just leave it at that.

Anyway, I wanted to stop in, have some coffee, say HI to some folks - brewed, shiloh, zymotux, and of course m15o :)

I don't post often here, but the nightly routine (IRL) has not changed: coffee, tobacco pipe, reading blogs, writing - all the same.

I also have been doing some more web dev in recent weeks (making good progress!) and having a BLAST with it! Should've buckled down and learned sooner!

So, hello. Hope everybody is doing well!

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~shiloh wrote (thread):

Hi! Good to hear you're doing alright. I've never heard of blot, seems like another thing for me to check out. Same with write.as, gemini, and gopher. I feel illiterate in here.

~zymotux wrote (thread):

Hi tffb/tmo - looks like your new blog/blot is taking shape nicely! Read.Write.as won't be the same without your posts but I've bookmarked your blot so I can check in and see what's new. Hope you continue to enjoy the web dev stuff. I've not done any myself but the process of learning and doing and problem solving at your own pace just for the sheer fun of it certainly resonates!

One of the things I'm enjoying about The Midnight is the different descriptions of it everyone is coming up with. I assume that if you step outside of the door m15o has a nice spot for you to smoke your pipe when you need a break from the writing and web dev ;-)

~jetgirl wrote (thread):

I like the new blot format. As fun as typing in a terminal window or notepad and hitting save to a dropbox folder is for some folks I don't know why but when I started blogging "in the browser" it still feels like I need to do that to write a post. I also like that you can now post as often as you want without hitting a limit like they implemented elsewhere. Got the new RSS added, have fun!

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