Midnight Pub

12. The Sunday Evening


I was now feeling better. The pain persisted for a lil more than 2 days, then, vanished as quickly as it had set on.

I'd barely gone out, except for a short walk outside the pub, to stretch my legs and watch the stars appear in the evening sky.

Anne had gone back to her regular schedule of sleep and work. Claire had chosen to purposefully ignore me, even in the presence of others. After an entire Saturday stuck in my room, the loneliness had caught up to me. So I spent the Sunday evening hanging out with Kyle, Brewed and Zymotux. Kyle listened in earnest while I unloaded my grief at the bar. Brewed drank his Pilsner and watched the game. Zymotux refilled my glass of water and waited patiently for me to finish wailing. When it was all over, I felt like a whiny crybaby. "No woman wants a whiny crybaby. You gotta man up and move on," Zymotux confirmed. "Yeah man, if she ain't into ya, you gotta let it go man," Brewed said. So he was listening! It was more comfort than Claire was willing to provide. I'll take it.

Now I was sitting at my table in the corner, reading through Zymotux's blog. He was an Englishman, a writer, a poet, a family man and a scientist. How can I be cool like him? I wondered. But here I was, comparing his laptop specs to mine, to find out who's laptop was faster! I suppose I was the bigger nerd! But he would forever, be smarter than me. I enjoyed reading his stuff. He used Linux, and apparently, a de-googled smartphone. Now where was part 2 of the de-googled smartphone series? Aaaaa, my curiosity was killing me! Zymotux was a minimalist. At least, that's how his phone and desktop looked. I liked to think I was a minimalist, but when it came to tech, I could go overboard pretty easily. If I wasn't broke, I'd be sporting one of those $5000 Aorus laptops!

I felt like a spy. But, I'd like to call myself a research scientist! I studied people. I studied humanity. I studied evolution. I studied the little things, and the big things. But what was more important? Was it science? Technology? Work? Wealth? Love? Family? Health? Or simply, survival? We all had our priorities for sure. What did other people prioritize? I wondered.

It never took me more than a few minutes to dig up an entire person's life and read them like a book. But a search for Kyle turned up nothing. Now, he was qualified to be a spy!

I wondered if my newly found friends would've liked to join the LibreKrsnah Foundation, and take charge of a few departments. The LibreKrsnah Cyberspace Privacy & Security department needed a team. And so did the LibreKrsnah Space Expedition department, among others.

My thoughts drifted to Claire, and a sharp pain shot through my heart. I looked around to see if she was there. Then I closed my laptop, and headed back upstairs.

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~stargazer wrote (thread):

Great story so far... I really like the plot twists.

~brewed wrote (thread):

Listening to your radio while reading your story is the highlight of my day!

~kyle wrote (thread):

Privacy & Security department? Seems cool! What's the plan, Krsnah? :)

(also, I'll listen some music from your radio now! Thanks for sharing!)

~zymotux wrote (thread):

Hello - glad your stomach is feeling better! I wouldn't phrase my advice about Claire in quite that fashion - I like to think I'm a little more sensitive than that! ...but as your fictional version of Brewed stated, Claire at least does not seem to be that into you I'm afraid. Looks like you have plenty of interesting creative projects to keep you positive though - I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your new shiny office building in Nightfall City!

Also, thanks for reading my blog and for the reminder - I really should write a follow on to my deGoogled smartphone post - note to self: don't include "Part X/Y" in posts in the future!

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