Midnight Pub

First Opposums, now Gophers?


It's no surprise that opposums take a liking in gathering in the Midnight. The small alley [1] hosts a members of the opposum society of Nightfall City, and since a few month, they've been seen casually enjoying beverages in the lounge, near the fireplace, between Brewed's table [2] and brightblue's corner.

But another animal has made its way into the pub. The Gopher. These little rodents are very polite and always ask bartender for specific cocktails such as:

What's fascinating is that they access the pub through a completely different entrance. It's still located in the small alley, but it's much smaller, much simpler. It's an entrance that all patrons can now take, should they want to:

[1]: Small alley

[2]: Brewed's table

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~rosie88 wrote:

I heard those gophers reside in a place that is a wee bit difficult to navigate. I am a human after all but I did try going where gophers live but managed to get lost.

~enteka wrote:

I'm a bit of a young gopher myself, we're a bit of hobbits at heart

~opossum wrote:

I've only had good experiences with gophers, myself. I once rented a tree stump from one to stay in for the winter. He was a kind fellow, a widow after his wife had passed away the previous spring. Each spring after, I think of his kindess to let me stay less than a year after his wife's departure. I wonder if his home had felt lonely.

I think that if my loved ones died, I'd pay strangers to fill their space too. Breath their air, eat their food, mess up our home.

Gophers are polite. I will have to take their small alley passage sometime. I bet they have some delicious garbage back there, full of life and stories. Thanks for the tip.

~kyle wrote:

I love gophers! Neat!

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