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A never-ending work


Can we do that? Should we do that? A work that is not ever meant to be completed?

Like a novel that you don't want it to ever end, either as a writer or a reader.

I tend to write short fiction and small poems. However, I began writing a fictional diary on this post-apocalyptic youth... (doesn't matter, skip to the chase)...

And the thing is that a diary does not lend itself well to an end, it's meant to go on and on. Besides, I kinda of loved my character, which has become a bit of a person in his own. So part of me just want to go on and on.

So, what's your take?

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~zymotux wrote (thread):

Sounds like an interesting way to really explore and build this character and the post-apocalyptic world he inhabits. In time you might find the diary writing becomes a chore and you want to write a short story about the character or world, or a poem etc. etc. - just enjoy letting your imagination run free!

Let us know how it pans out!

~starbreaker wrote (thread):

The thing about writing fiction is that there are no rules. Most of the “rules” people push are just the opinions of writers given authority they don’t deserve by their respective fandoms.

“Never follow a rule off a cliff.” —C. J. Cherryh

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