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The door from the alley opens, and the old person in the tattered suit steps through, closing it behind them; they are carrying a stack of flyers on slightly yellowed paper. They take a moment and pin one to the corkboard by the door. They then head to the bar and order the pub lunch – egg and chips today. They set the stack of flyers on the bar next to them.

Noting your interest, they take one off the top, and pass it over to you with a faint, almost sad smile.

The flyer is for a website called "Gemini Quickstart!", and appears to have been run off on a black and white laser printer. It describes the website as a quick start page for non-technical people who have heard of Gemini, but have no idea how to get started. The address of the website is across the bottom of the flyer in clear, sans-serif type.

The copy of the flyer that the tattered person handed to you has an odd symbol scribbled in one corner in brownish ink, but that doesn't seem to be on the other flyers.

Gemini Quickstart (WWW)

Gemini Quickstart (Gemini)

The strange sigil

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~brewed wrote:

This is great content!

~zer0 wrote:

this is so well-put-together. can send to friends who never heard of gemini

~burninator wrote:

Ariane is pretty cool, but looks like when I try to login, I get taken to www, and login happens there. Not sure if its even possible to maintain logged in status in Gemini.

~tskaalgard wrote (thread):

How does one subscribe to feeds in Gemini? I didn't know this was possible. Same with logging in to things like the Pub. How?

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