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Or perhaps better phrased, it is not a good idea to make a client the user interface for everything. As I keep writing my gopher CYOA gamebook (20 sections out of 120 done), I miss some features I couldn't done without some cgi or js. Like randomness, rolling dice, procedural generation and all that good stuff. I could try and do some cgi on Gemini and perhaps Gopher too. (I'm not sure how to do either of that, as on the web all I've done is PHP and/or JS).

But why should I strain either the client or the server. True, the load is nothing in these days... but again where has that police lead?

No, there's a more efficient option, just code a simple text adventure, one that would not even require a proper parser, just selecting choices and, maybe, some basic inventory commands, drink healing potions and the like.

The code will be availabe to download along with instructions on how to install it. And provided I am more comfortable in Ruby(*) and Python, these should be easy to install too.

A thought for another day, but a thought, nevertheless.


(*) Ruby is fantastic when not on rails, btw

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~mnbryant wrote (thread):

I've been considering trying to put together a gemini server that serves as a Z-Machine interpreter. Since Gemini allows for sending one line of input at a time, it seems perfect for that, plus there are a lot of good Z-Machine interactive fictions out there (like Zork!)

It's not happening terribly soon because of other, more important projects, but maybe some time.

Related, if you're making a fantasy-style game, you might look at Inform.

Inform 7

A demo game I put together as a class project with some useful plugins

~brewed wrote (thread):

That sounds pretty exciting actually! Let me know when the game is out! I'd love to review it. I'm even looking to have a list of cool games I find on the small net at:


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