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Sold a ton of keyboard parts I wasn't using so I could afford a new one. (Switches and keycap sets.) Yesterday I ordered a new large set of linear switches and a barebones TKL board for a new work keeb. My current work keyboard has a few broken switches but I'm not about to de-solder and yank up traces like I have before when trying to repair them. Since then I've gone all or nothing on hot swappable boards.

My home keyboard is a 60% model that is great for writing but hot trash for code. I haven't a clue what layer the tilde is on nor is it easy to change to that layer. For work I need the F keys, the home/end keys, ~ and ` (Without having to copy/paste them from a quick googling as I just did.) so a tenkeyless model is just what I needed. The current work keeb is TKL and worked just fine until I wore out the switches on it.

Also, we're all headed back into the office proper soon which means office mates return and while MX browns are "kind of" quiet, I've grown out of the tactile switch club and moved onto the buttery smoothness of linear switches. (The home keeb is chock full of 67g tangerines.) But for work I can't justify buying $80 in switches alone so I've gone with a nice budget lunch baggie full of Gateron milky yellows that I'll be lubing and filming which should leave the board as quiet as I can possibly get it.

//waits patiently by the mailbox

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~whiskeyding wrote (thread):

I started using a OLKB Planck a few months ago; it's been odd but very interesting--the customizability is darn near absolute, so you tend to figure out quickly what keys you use the most and where is most convenient to put them. Definitely not for everyone, but if you're adventurous and picky about layouts, they're worth trying. The worst bit is trying to find good ortho keycap sets at a reasonable price...

~fish-fingerer wrote:

(Hey rhyming is hard with wine!)

~nsilvestri wrote (thread):

I have a crappy TKL with Cherry Browns that I've had for the better part of 8 years, and a Ducky One 2 SF with Cherry Silent Reds that chatter so much they'd give a hypothermia victim a run for their money. I need to run anti-chatter software at all times so that this keyboard is usable, and my other keyboard is plugged into my work computer so that's not an option.

I'm going all custom for the first time and decided on a 75% layout by ordering a GMMK Pro with Glorious Pandas, but unfortunately the GMMK Pro is so backordered that I am not expecting it for fully another 2 months at least. If I lube one switch per day, I think around the time I finish the last one I'll also be getting the actual keyboard.

In order to get another keyboard in a timely fashion, I decided my second best option was to back the Epomaker AK84S on Kickstarter. Ships in 5 weeks.

Clearly I don't value my time.

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